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Homemade Bath Salt

As another part of the gift basket I made for the wedding present, I also made my own bath salt.  It was super easy to make, and it's really easy to customize to the colors you want.  It momentarily brought me back to my childhood when I would make sand art.

1.  Gather your ingredients.  You will need a clean glass container.  Make sure it is completely dry, so that your bath salts don't start reacting to the water when you pour them in.  You will need some epsom salt, which can be found in the first aid section of many drug stores.  Food coloring or natural dyes that match your color palette.   And lastly you will need some essential oils in your choice of scent.  I got mine at Michael's, it's vanilla pomegranate. 

2.  Measure out two cups of epsom salt to begin.  Some recipes call for sea salt as well, but I just kept it simple.

3.  The ratio is slightly less than one teaspoon of essential oil to one cup of epsom salt.  Be careful not to overdo it, as some have allergic reactions when it is in excess. Some essential oils are also not safe for pregnant or nursing women, so make sure to read the packaging.

4.  Mix in coloring.  I made three small batches with the the two cup batch, and then ended up adding more to each color batch so I could completely fill my bottle.

5.  Layer different colors any way you like, I just let mine happen as it pleased, and it ended up slightly oceanic like waves.

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