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Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox

Hello World!

I was chosen again to receive a VoxBox complimentary of Influenster. My previous VoxBox featured natural products, check out the review here: link.  This new VoxBox was for Beauty Bloggers and had a lot of great products!

For those of you unfamiliar with Influenster,  it is program for social-media driven trendsetters.  You have to earn badges to show how active you are in different online communities, and if you qualify, they send you a VoxBox full of free goodies to try, review, and share. The more influential you are, the more likely you are to receive free goodies in the future.

On top of receiving a VoxBox full of free goodies, you also have the opportunity to participate in brand challenges to win great goodies! (Like baskets full of size products, ect.) I am really excited because as you can see from the Influenster link above, they have over 50,000 Facebook fans.  2,000 Influensters were chosen to receive the Naturals VoxBox, and I actually won a Brand Challenge!  I won the Nectresse Challenge for being one of the top 20 Badge Holders! My prize is automatic qualification in the next Naturals VoxBox. More goodies!

Back on subject, here is a picture of my Beauty Blogger VoxBox. The goodies included in it were:

In the picture above, you can see full descriptions of each product and the price of each one. I did not qualify for the bonus items, but I still was happy with the VoxBox.

I have never purchased a starter kit for false eyelashes- but I am no stranger to false eyelashes. I have been a fan of makeup since I was first allowed to wear it when I turned 16. I usually buy falsies at the drugstore when they are on sale for Halloween or for dances/parties.

These eyelashes were great quality. I did not have to trim them to fit my eyes, and I loved how full they were. I did all my Sugar Skull makeup first, curled my lashes, applied basic mascara, and then put the lashes on. After the glue dried, I added more mascara to lock my real lashes to the Kiss lashes.

Check out my entire Sugar Skull makeup here: link.

The lashes lasted all Halloween night, and when I removed them, the glue did not leave any residue. Because I am used to applying falsies, the applicator did not really help me. I found it more cumbersome than traditional tweezers, but if you don't have a steady hand or are new to falsies, it would probably help you.

Like Kiss Nails on Facebook for coupons!

This is a product I actually had never seen before. I have used other Goody products though like bobbypins and elastics. It's pretty simple. You place your hair in a ponytail, (I used an elastic to catch all the broken hair at the base of my head) spin your hair into a bun shape, and then twist these two pins into your bun to hold it in place.

Due to my lovely elf ears, I never really wear my hair up, but I still gave these a try. It did hold my hair in place and was really easy to use.  These would work well for someone with thick hair. I have damaged hair which is thin at the bottom, so my bun wasn't too large.

Large buns seem like the hottest trend right now (with sock buns and such), and I wish I could pull them off. These pins are great for a lazy hair day, but if you want a large bun backcomb your hair first.

NYC cosmetics are available just about everywhere. They are really affordable and the quality isn't that bad for low price you pay.  This palette came with four eyeshadows, an illuminator, and a primer.

I have used the palette multiple times since I first opened my VoxBox. I tried the entire kit together, and have found the white and light grey eyeshadows to have the best color payoff.  When used with a primer, the white shows up really well.  The black does not show up very dark though. It might work better when applied wet.

The primer wasn't greasy, and you will run out of it way before you use up all the eyeshadows. The illuminator works well under the white eyeshadow to better hide your natural lid color.

It is a nice palette for beginners. I didn't follow the instructions on the back though entirely because I like to use a light color on the inner corner of my eye to brighten up my eyes and make me look more awake. The compact also seems very sturdy and the eyeshadows didn't have falloff inside the case when I threw it my makeup bag.

I love just about everything from Bath & Body Works. I received a mini Cider Lane candle in my VoxBox and it smelled so yummy! I liked it so much I did a seperate blog post just on it. Read the full review here: link.

I also had a few more of these mini candles in my stash that were burned all the way down, and I found a fun way to repurpose the glass jars.  Check out a tutorial here: link.

This product was my favorite product in my VoxBox!  I never had heard of this company before, and next time I am at ULTA I am totally buying the full size bottle for $6!

My hair is really damaged. I maybe use hot tools too often and my hair has been just about every color. Right now it is blonde and my ends are not pretty.  This product did wonders for my hair. I applied it to towel dried hair, used a blow dryer and a flat paddle brush, and then used a straightener to finish styling it. It made my split ends lay flat and made my hair less prone to breakage.

It reduced the amount of flyaways, increased shine, and smelled amazing.  I used up almost this entire tube.  (The travel bottles are also available for sale too if you don't want to commit to a full-sized bottle right from the start.)

A little bit of this product goes a long way. The first time I tried it I used too much and it gave my hair a different texture. Use a dime sized amount first, and then use more if you need. Also, I would avoid using it on your roots-so you don't weight your hair down and lose your top volume.

I also received EBOOST in my last VoxBox and my view on it hasn't changed.  I took a picture of the back this time though so you all can see the vitamins in it. 41,667% daily value of B12!!

See the full review for EBOOST here: link.

Overall, I was really happy about this VoxBox and I liked all the products included in it.  If anyone is interested in joining Influenster, contact me via the tab at the top of my blog. I have 3 more invites to give away! It's a great program!

(Note: All views are my own and I received the products complimentary of Influenster to test, review and share.)

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