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DIY Glitter Wedges

I love thrift stores, yard sales and consignment shops.  I picked up these wedges at a consignment shop, and over time I've given them some boo-boos.  I got them wet and the fake wood vinyl started to bubble and look gross.

Here is a tutorial on how to transform some old shoes to be sparkly and fantastic!  Why buy when you can just DIY? :)

1.   Gather your supplies: old shoes, Mod Podge, glitter, matching paint, a paintbrush, an exacto knife, and a cup or bowl that you don't mind getting a little messy.

2.   My shoes had vinyl that was lifting, so I cut it off with an exacto.  If yours doesn't, you can just skip this step.

3.   I had no idea what color wedge would be under the vinyl, and I put a coat on gold paint to save myself from having to do a thousand layers of mod podge. (If you want to be super neat tape off the part of the shoes that you want to stay clean. I'm lazy so I just winged it.)

4.   Mix mod podge and glitter together.  Mix until you have a consistency you are happy with.

5.   Cover your shoes with the mod podge.  I did 3 layers because I wanted my shoes super glittery. Let them dry overnight and tada!  You now have some awesome DIY shoes to rock.  (After finishing I wish I had done a different color with black or grey glitter, but oh well!  I'll just have to DIY some other shoes.)

I took a macro shot of the glitter and made this image.  Feel free to use it for your desktop or for your facebook banner. :)  (Right click and open in a new tab, then either download or drag and drop it.)

Below are some glitter shoes for more inspiration:


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