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Zipper Flowers

I've been watching The Secret Circle on Hulu, and made some more zipper flowers.  Yay for multitasking.  lol I made my first one with three different zipper colors, and I found some many vintage buttons!

Cereal Hearts

I really need to buy a cereal saver, like the plastic containers that help your cereal from going stale- like in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Since I don't have one, I had a box of Cherrios go stale.  Luckily, with my love of Pinterest, I found a tutorial to make a bird feeder with cereal. See it here.  

I don't really have access to a tree like she does, so I just hung it above my patio. No birds have taken a bite at it yet, and I'm hoping their weight doesn't make it warp or fall.

Finally flowers!

I have been so bad about blogging lately!  School has swamped me with projects, but I finally did get some flowers for my recycled vases.  I bought some carnations for myself before Valentine's day.  The only living plant in my apartment is a bonsai tree that's three years old, and my view out my window isn't very inspiring as you can see below.

Next I want to try growing my own herbs again. Basil smells so amazing!