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Feather Clip

I actually made like six of these in a bunch of colors.  They are so easy to make! I only have pictures of one piece though, but you get the idea.

Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIzkUKuQQeE

They can make an outfit look so classy!

KISS costumes

Also, in highschool, for my friends 18th birthday, she had a Rock and Roll Party. So four of us dressed up like KISS.  I'm the Cat one,  and Birthday girl was Gene Simmons.

Here is us before filling in the color. Hot huh? lol

Here are our duct tape shoes.

We meet up with Birthday girl with her aluminum foil accessories.

I had straightened my hair, bad idea, it didn't poof out.

The entire band. Girl Power. lol

Old dresses

So I made my own Winter Ball dress in highschool by ripping apart a really old and ugly blue satin high neck dress, and bought the shear fabric.  It changed color in the light- from blue to purple.

I used the blue satin for under the shear fabric and for the sash and big bow tied in the back. The sash in the front was attached and runched, I stole the idea from an old dress I had.

I also made one of my friends her prom dress. She picked out the fabric, and the jewels in the top were actually from the sleeves of the dress I ripped apart to make that Winter Ball dress.

I stole these pictures from myspace since I never got to take pictures of it.

Her dress is the coral one with a yell ow sash.

The back had a nice big bow.

I really like how the front turned out, with runching to the straps, and the jewels.

Here is the dress in action, I'm the one in front with the flower in my hair.  Two girls made Duct Tape dresses for a competition/scholarship.  They didn't win, but they looked cute.

Ice Cream Shirt & Clock

These are from high school, but still cool ideas. This is my old CD clock. I saved those AOL CDs that came in the mail, and used my sister's Barbie clock for the numbers and center. It worked really well as a bracelet holder.

My circle is rather imperfect. lol

This is one of my first tshirt recons. It was one of my dad's large tshirts from the 90's, and I loved the color.

My first applique. Made with my old baby pajamas. It's fuzzy. My machine tried to eat it, literally.

Anime Makeup

This is actually from Mardi Gras last year. My eyebrows are actually under the anime eye part, those eyebrows are painted on my forehead.

Lady Gaga Clutch!!

I made this clutch out with images in Photoshop, and one of those clear paper sleeves. My friend really loves Lady Gaga, and it is held together with those ugly real estate refrigerator magnets. I just glued the picture sides down before I sewed the papers into the sleeve.

The little heart I stole off a dollar store pen topper.

I used this tutorial: http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/collage_handbag

Blue Quilt

I made this quilt in the summer of 2008, right before I started college. I made it for my boyfriend, who obviously likes blue. I had all pink hair, and then changed it to its now red a few weeks later. Yay


This purse is made from my old baby jeans because my mom doesn't like to throw anything away. I made it almost 4 years ago. That BOLD patch took so long to make. I think I liked sharpies a lil too much. lol

First crochet hat!

So I really wanted to learn to crochet, so I watched a Threadbanger tutorial from a while back. First hat ever! Took me three attempts, I had to keep unraveling it all because I kept making it too pointy. I got a nice big bulky yarn at Walmart for $3!

Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIH0ntfwzCk

It's a slouchy hat!