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Spring Time and Zipper Flowers

Yay its finally warm out!  I have had to take picture of my zipper flowers inside because of winter and snow, and now I can finally go outside in the sunshine!  Look at my garden. :)

I have quite a collection in stock right now. I went to look for more metal zippers today, but all of the thrift stores were out!  Someone must have caught onto me. lol

I love love love the center on this zipper.

Lovely colors.

I think this shape is probably my favorite, it is just so simple!

Last picture I snapped before my batteries went dead.  I think this one is my current favorite.

DIY Glitter Wedges

I love thrift stores, yard sales and consignment shops.  I picked up these wedges at a consignment shop, and over time I've given them some boo-boos.  I got them wet and the fake wood vinyl started to bubble and look gross.

Here is a tutorial on how to transform some old shoes to be sparkly and fantastic!  Why buy when you can just DIY? :)

1.   Gather your supplies: old shoes, Mod Podge, glitter, matching paint, a paintbrush, an exacto knife, and a cup or bowl that you don't mind getting a little messy.

2.   My shoes had vinyl that was lifting, so I cut it off with an exacto.  If yours doesn't, you can just skip this step.

3.   I had no idea what color wedge would be under the vinyl, and I put a coat on gold paint to save myself from having to do a thousand layers of mod podge. (If you want to be super neat tape off the part of the shoes that you want to stay clean. I'm lazy so I just winged it.)

4.   Mix mod podge and glitter together.  Mix until you have a consistency you are happy with.

5.   Cover your shoes with the mod podge.  I did 3 layers because I wanted my shoes super glittery. Let them dry overnight and tada!  You now have some awesome DIY shoes to rock.  (After finishing I wish I had done a different color with black or grey glitter, but oh well!  I'll just have to DIY some other shoes.)

I took a macro shot of the glitter and made this image.  Feel free to use it for your desktop or for your facebook banner. :)  (Right click and open in a new tab, then either download or drag and drop it.)

Below are some glitter shoes for more inspiration:


Where have I been?

Hello Everyone!  

Long time no post!!  I have not posted anything for a while because on April 9th my apartment was flooded!  My crazy neighbors above me decided to throw a party (on Easter Sunday?!), and take a drunk bath.  They clogged the drains of the tub, and let it overflow for about FOUR hours.

At 5 AM Monday, my fire detectors started to go off.  They were pulled out of the ceiling, and water started pouring out of them!  Over the next two hours, water started to pour out of every ceiling fixture and ran down many of the walls.  (My apartment building was built in 2003!)  The water even ran down the inside of the walls, and out from under my trim.  By the time the bathroom and kitchen were completely mopped, they were flooded with water again.

The water even flooded the neighbors below me! My landlord says it was about $40,000 worth of damage.  So up until now I was living with some friends and so far from my crafting supplies!  lol

I have moved back in, but they aren't even done yet.  They still have to finish patching the ceiling.  I cleaned up most of the mess left over from the construction workers, it took almost two and half hours to dust and clean everything!  (There were black greasy finger prints everywhere!)

I took photos of the entire process.

Water everywhere!  And it was bright yellow because it ran through the insulation before it got into my apartment. They are guessing 150-200 gallons of water poured into all three apartments.

They ripped up my floor, counters, and parts of my ceiling. They had these huge fans running for days trying to dry everything out.  Then they had some super heaters running, and I had to take all my candles out of the apartment because otherwise they would melt.  Some of my beauty and bath products have been ruined though that I didn't remove.

They tried to patch up the ceiling, and put plastic on all of my belongings.  They still have to texturize it so that it blends in.

New bathroom floor. Luckily my homemade owl and tree shower curtain is still doing alright!

New kitchen floor.

Almost completely normalized. Luckily I am moving into a duplex in about a month, so I can avoid any mold and mildew that might spring up.

Zipper Flowers at Art Gallery

I have been selling my zipper flowers at the Prichard Art Gallery for over a year now, and I finally have a picture of them that wasn't taken on my cellphone. lol

This one reached over 1000 views on Etsy in one day when it was featured on the frontpage of Etsy.  Now its for sale at the Prichard.

Here is a fraction of the zipper flower I have made.  The old URL www.bold211.etsy.com luckily redirects to my new one of CanCanDancer.etsy.com

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I'm starting to make some more jewelry and hopefully will be listing it on Etsy soon!