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DIY Neon Geometric Tote

Hello World!

I recently subscribed to iheartluxe. It's a free service that sends out "luxury curated lists" weekly. I actually really enjoy opening their emails, and am inspired by many of the goodies they link to. Below is a tote that was featured in one of their emails a few weeks ago.  It sells for $28. I loved how simple and bright it was, so I created my own DIY version instead.

I also received a package from My Next Style last month full of complimentary crafting goodies to test and review. This package included a 3-pack of canvas totes and this project seemed perfect to test them out! 

Continue below for more instructions. 

source: poppin

1.   Gather your materials. You will need: a canvas tote (My Next Style 3-packs are sold at Walmart), Contact paper, scissors, acrylic or fabric paint, paint brushes and cardboard to fit inside your tote.

2.   Cut out long, straight strips of contact paper.

3.   Insert the cardboard into your tote if you are worried about it bleeding through. I did this as a precaution, and then found that the My Next Style totes are thick enough that the paint didn't bleed through.

4.   Remove the backing from your contact paper strips, and press the contact paper down onto your tote to create your design. Use a coin or your fingernail to be sure the edges are completely sealed.

5.  Paint inside your first design area and allow to dry. I switched up my color locations because I wanted predominately pink.

6.  Paint your second area while the first is drying. I needed two coats of the yellow and the blue. Allow to dry.

7.  Peel away your contact paper.

8.  Now, I did my two sides at different times to test my contact paper on the tote. But I would recommend laying out your entire design and then painting it all  at once, to save yourself some time.

9.  Once all your areas are painted, allow it to completely dry and peel off all of your contact paper. Repeat process on other side if you would like.

10. Tada! Enjoy your new tote!

Happy Crafting!

Disclosure: I received complimentary supplies from My Next Style, but all opinions are my own.

Decorate your Graduation Cap (using freezer paper)

Hello World.

I recently graduated from college! I decided to spruce up my cap to better show my personality (also because I graduated from the College of Art and Architecture).

It was so easy to do! (Please excuse my terrible white balance.  I decorated my cap at 2 AM the day of graduation...lol) Check out below for instructions:

1.  Print out your desired image. Choose an image that would make an appropriate stencil (no orphan pieces after cutting it out).

2.  Place your freezer paper waxy side down, on top of your image. Trace with a writing utensil.

3.  Cut out your image with an exacto blade or carefully with scissors. 

4.  Iron your freezer paper waxy side down, onto your cap. My cap was made with a plastic-blend fabric so I put my iron on the lowest setting.  I also placed a piece of scrap fabric in-between my freezer paper and iron. (To prevent my cap from melting.)

5.  Paint your cap with acrylic or fabric paint. Allow to dry and repeat with a second coat.

6.  Add glitter if you wish while your second layer of paint is still wet.

7.  Spray down your glitter with fixative or hair spray to prevent fall off.

8.  Carefully peel off your freezer paper once everything is dry and marvel at your unique cap! 

I added some rhinestones to mine as well.

Happy crafting!

DIY Earring Display

Hello World.

Earrings are my go-to accessory. I have 3 holders for hook earrings, but had all my post earrings sitting on a plate. This made finding a matching pair in a hurry a little difficult. So, I made a new display for better organization. I made an earring display 4 years ago similar to this, just smaller.

Continue below for instructions on making this super easy craft!

1.  Gather your supplies: a wooden frame, fabric (lace, mesh, tulle, netting, ect), stapler, staples and embellishments.

2.  Remove the glass and cardboard backing from your frame. Spray paint your frame now if you want a new color. Mine was originally brown, and I painted it gold.

3.  Starting at one corner, staple the fabric to the back of your frame. It is okay if you have extra fabric around the edges.

4.  Pull tightly and staple to the next corner, working clockwise. 

5.  Once your four corners are secured, staple the rest of your fabric onto the frame, about every inch or so.

6.  Trim excess fabric. You can add glue around the entire edge if you are worried about it coming undone.

7.  Embellish! I bought the rhinestones in the dollar section at Michael's and used e-6000 glue to attach them.

These are my favorites! I call them my "mermaid earrings." I got them at Rue21.

These are my other go-to earrings recently. Can you tell I have an ocean obsession?

Happy Crafting!


Hello World!

I apologize for now the lack of posts these last few months. I felt like I was constantly busy with school, my two jobs, and teaching an art lab. But now, I'm all done! I officially am a first generation college graduate!

And now I have the free time to actually craft! (and blog about it!) :)

I decorated my graduation cap. Tutorial coming soon.

My groups iPhone application on display at the Prichard Art Gallery. This was our year long, capstone project. It creates an augmented reality experience at the University of Idaho with way-finding, class schedules, virtual landmarks, and many other features.

Finally all done! I think these are the first dozen roses I have ever received. 

Tutorials coming soon!