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DIY Rope Wrapped Vase

I have had a few empty Starbucks bottles in my stash. I really liked the stream lined shape of the bottles and I always wanted to repurpose them into some sort of home decor. Here is a way to recycle any old bottle into a nautical-inspired vase.

Check out the full tutorial below:

1.  Gather your supplies: a clean bottle, rope, scissors, hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun.

2.  Peel the labels off of your bottle. (Mine came off very easily.)

3.  Remove any leftover residue with soap and a sponge, and then dry your bottle.

4.  Apply a stream of hot glue to the bottom edge of your bottle.

5.  Press rope against glue until set.

6.  Rotate bottle 90° and apply another short stream of glue and press rope down again. Continue all the way around the bottle in increments of 90°. When you reach your original starting point, guide rope over the visible tail to hide it.

7.  Continue this process all the way up and around the bottle until completely covered.

8.  Once you reach the top of the bottle, cut the rope free from your skein. Secure the tail end with hot glue. If you have hot glue strings everywhere, simply blast your vase with a blow dryer and watch them disappear!

Tada! Enjoy your new vase! Fill with flowers, twigs, ect. In my case, I used driftwood.

Happy Crafting!