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Cheers to 2014!

Hello World,

Make 2014 your year! I created the three images below centered around my love of water, current outlook on life, and love of typography. What words do you try to live by?

Cheers to 2014!

Embroidered Tote (Made with a Darby Smart kit)

Hello World,

Earlier this month I received my first Darby Smart kit and made this cute DIY marquee sign. Well, I bought another kit, and after watching a few episodes of Vampire Diaries, I finished it!

I bought the Cross-Stitch Tote kit (designed by Ana of We Love Citrus) which included a Baggu duck bag! I really like Baggu bags, they have minimal metal accents and are so sturdy! I personalized my tote with both embroidery and fabric paint. I decided on an abstract triangle-centric design, as I have been on a geometric kick lately.

Check out more Darby Smart kits here, and sign up for their emails if you love coupons like I do!

PS Do you watch Vampire Diaries? Are you Team Damon or Stefan? I just started season 4 on Netflix and am back on team Stefan. He is so gorgeous. THAT.HAIR

PSS I was not paid to write about Darby Smart. I just love all things DIY.

DIY Slipper Socks

Hello World,

Need a last minute gift idea? Or just want to make a little something for yourself? I made my own slipper socks with scrap fabric and a thrifted sweatshirt, making this a very inexpensive DIY project.

Check out the tutorial below:

1. Gather your materials: decorative fabric for the top of the slipper, a thicker fabric (to make these extra cozy! I used a thrifted sweatshirt), pins, scissors, a sewing machine (or needle and thread).

2. Make your own pattern by tracing your foot, or use the pattern pieces I used. Download them here.

3. Fold your decorative fabric in half, wrong sides together. I used a stretch knit, so I didn't worry about the grain. Place the first pattern piece (the one that looks like a 90's telephone- see the slight resemblance?) down along the fold. Pin and cut.

4. If you add a half inch of seam allowance around all the pattern pieces, you will roughly end up with a size XL Women's slipper sock. If you don't include seam allowance, roughly a size L. For those with smaller feet, just trim the pattern pieces accordingly to fit your foot size.

5. Place the first pattern piece on your thicker fabric along the fold. (I used the sleeve of my sweatshirt.) Pin and cut.

6. Place your second pattern piece (the one that slightly resembles a foot) down on your thicker fabric. Pin and cut through two layers of fabric at the same time. The reason for this is because you will notice the second pattern piece is asymmetrical. This is to accommodate the big toe. Cutting through both layers at the same time helped it so I didn't end up with two left feet.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the cutting out the other slipper sock. When cutting out your second pattern piece this time around though, place the pattern piece right side down on your fabric (so you end up with both feet). You will end up with four pieces per slipper sock, these will make the liner and the shell.

8. Fold your top pieces in half, right sides together. Pin the heel areas closed and sew.

9. This will leave you with asymmetrical loops of fabric.

10. Place your liner fabrics right side together on top of each other.

11. Pin around the entire edge of your pattern pieces.

12. When you get to the heel area, you will have excess fabric. Pinch and pin the heel area down to the second pattern piece. 

13. At this point your work will start to resemble a slipper sock!

14. Sew around the entire circumference of your slipper sock.

15. Repeat pinning process with the shell fabric pieces.

16. Place your liner piece inside your shell piece, right sides together.

17. Sew them together, along the ankle area. Leave a small gap near the back seam.

18. Turn your slipper sock right side out via the hole you left.

19. Push your liner into your shell, and sew the hole closed.

20. Repeat with the other slipper sock.

Tada! You have some custom-made slipper socks! If you are worried about slipping while wearing them, just take puffy paint and add some dots to the sole of your slipper socks. (My mom used to do this on my socks when I was little.)

Happy Crafting!


Hello World,

A few years ago, I found this cassette tape case at a consignment shop. I tore this baby apart and completely covered the inside with my favorite Tumblr images and magazine clippings. I have since stored all of my craft paints and printmaking inks inside it.

Compared to the chaotic inside, the outside was just a little too plain. I just used chalk to outline the design, painted a few coats of acrylic paint, and then used a sharpie to outline the design. A simple DIY to add some pizazz to an old school looking case.

PS- Do you think I painted the word 'paint' to literally label the box as containing paint, or as a verb?

Answer - A little bit of both. Happy Crafting!

Darby Smart (December TO DIY FOR Kit)

Hello World,

Have you ever heard of Darby Smart? They partner with designers to launch DIY kits based on current trends. Their kits come with materials and instructions, to help crafters avoid all those Pinterest fails. They have subscriptions for their kits, or you can just buy them individually.

I recently purchased my first kit from them, the December TO DIY FOR kit. I picked this kit because the contents were a mystery, and I do love a good surprise. So if you were planning to order this kit, sorry for the spoilers below!

I absolutely love their packaging.

How cool is this DIY kit? I was really excited to make the marquee sign, as that was a craft that never crossed my mind before. In the kit they give you two pieces of foam core (so you have one to practice on). I instead cut my extra foam core into three long horizontal strips, and then cut one of the long strips in half. This gave me four strips of foam core that were about the same lengths as the four sides of my sign.

I hot glued these to the back of my sign, creating a backwards shadow box. This helped to create a sturdy frame, so that the sign can stand on its own. Check out the kit here for more info.

This kit actually has inspired me to possibly make more marquee signs. Maybe I'll make a bigger one with an entire quote.

PS I was not paid to write about Darby Smart. I just think their kits a cool idea. Birchbox sends you beauty items, and Darby Smart sends you DIY kits. And I love all things DIY. :)

PSS If you sign up for their emails, they let you know the moment new kits launch (some of them go pretty fast), as well as coupon codes!

Happy Crafting!

New Etsy Listings

Hello World,

I've decided to branch out with Etsy shop to include other items (besides my zipper flowers), and my first rings just went live! I currently have seven different colors to choose from. (Of course I saved one or two for myself because they are just so sweet and dainty.) I always have a problem with finding rings that comfortably fit my finger, and I love the filigree bands on these rings because it is so easy to adjust the size.

Check out some of them below:

What color do you think I should make next?

The Hunt

Hello World

Today I went thrifting.

I love the hunt. Every time I enter a consignment/antique/thrift shop I bee-line towards the vintage zippers, buttons, and jewelry. For the last few years, I have been on the search for a sea-shell compact so I can feel like the Little Mermaid. I didn't find it today, but one of the antique stores was very unique inside. Check it out below:

What do you search for when you go thrifting?

Marshmallow Creamsicle Fudge

Hello World,

If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably notice that my Recipes board is full of sweet, carb-based, or probably not-the-healthiest-of recipes. I can't help it- desserts and I are pretty much best friends. I probably should pin more salads to balance out all the junk food.

Actually, maybe I will make that one of my New Year's Resolutions- to pin more healthy recipes. Maybe that will motivate me to make better balanced meals in the future.

But since the new year isn't here yet, I'm going to go ahead and share a recently tested recipe- Creamsicle Fudge! You can find the original recipe over on Frugal Family Home, or see my version below for my spin on it:


  • 1 container of vanilla frosting
  • 1 package white chocolate baking chips
  • 1/2 cup Tang drink mix
  • Red Food Coloring
  • 1/2 bag mini marshmallows


1. Melt (in a heat safe bowl) and stir the chocolate chips in the microwave at 30 second intervals. Do not overheat them- otherwise they will dry out and get crumbly instead of liquified.

2. Stir the frosting into the chocolate once it is completely melted.

3. Once completely mixed, stir in the Tang, a few drops of red food coloring, and mini marshmallows.

4. Spoon the entire mixture into a greased pan or baking dish. (I used a huge pan, so the fudge came out thinner than the original recipe.)

5. Chill until firm and then enjoy!

Marshmallow, tang and white chocolate goodness.

These puppies are very sweet! I think the smaller sizes worked well for them.

Planet Inspired Ornaments

Hello World,

As you might have noticed from my last post, I have a slight obsession with anything extraterrestrial. The tutorial below shows the process I used to make some planet inspired ornaments. All you need is: glass-friendly paint, glass ornaments, and cheap paint brushes.

Extra Tips: Be sure to cover your workspace. I didn't, got paint on my craft table, and then had to give my table a nice scrubbing. When after you are done painting your ornaments, allow them to dry with the lids off (so the paint dries faster).

Happy Crafting!

Music: "Enthusiast" by Tours (CC by 3.0) http://bit.ly/1at7bCw

*FTC- This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own. I only mention Michael's because I do like a good deal.

Color Block Pinecones

Hello World,

Instead of doing an image-based tutorial (like I usually do), I have decided to mix things up and make a video tutorial. For my first video tutorial, I decided on doing a simple DIY project, so I get more comfortable with filming myself.

Check out the tutorial below to see how to make some color block pinecones. And don't forget to subscribe to my channel to see more tutorials the future:

Happy Crafting!

Hello Again Etsy

Hello World,

I have been a busy little bee, making zipper flowers like crazy. Today, I added more than 25 one-of-a-kind pieces to my Etsy shop. Check out some of my favorites below:

Happy Crafting!

DIY Lined Zipper Pouch + Freebie Friday

Hello World,

Today I have both a tutorial and a giveaway for you! Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make your own customizable zippered pouch, and enter the giveaway to win the one featured in this tutorial:

1. Gather your supplies: fabric, a zipper, scissors, acrylic or fabric paint, a foam or paintbrush, freezer paper, an iron and ironing board, and a sewing machine or needle and thread.

2. Cut out 4 rectangles of fabric that are the same length as your zipper.

3. Fold the top edge of each rectangle over 1/4" inch and iron flat.

4. Cut a strip of freezer paper. This will be used to make your stencil.

5. Cut your designs out of your freezer paper. If you draw on your freezer paper, draw on the matte side of the paper, not the shiny side.

6. Iron your freezer paper onto your fabric, shiny side down.

7. Paint gently within each freezer paper stencil. Be careful around your edges, so paint doesn't leak out of your stencil.

8. Allow to dry and gently remove your contact paper. Iron both sides of your design to set the paint.

9. Sandwich one edge of your zipper (right side up) in between two rectangles of fabric (wrong sides together).

10. Sew through all three layers (fabric shell, zipper, fabric liner).

11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the other half of your pouch.

12. Now that everything is sewed to your zipper, unzip your zipper. Fold your shell on top of your other shell fabric piece. This places your two shell pieces on top of each other, right sides together, and does the same with your liner pieces.

13. Sew around the edges of your entire rectangle, leaving a gap on the liner edge.

14. Turn your bag right side out via the gap in the liner.

15. Sew this gap closed, and push your liner into the body of your pouch.

16. Tada! You have made your own lined zipper pouch!

I used the same fabric for the liner and the shell of this pouch, but using coordinating fabric would work great too. Use this type of pouch as a makeup bag, pencil case, mini iPad case, etc.

PS- Remember the giveaway I mentioned? Well, enter below and one winner will receive this chevron pouch, handmade by yours truly. Giveaway ends next Friday, November 22nd.

Happy Crafting!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fa La La La La

Hello World,

From my last blog post, we have established that I love Christmas decorations.

I love DIY holiday decor, but I also love a good sale. So I wait to buy my holiday decor until the week after Christmas. My first stop is always Target, where decorations are marked +75% off. Yes, most of the really pretty ornaments are usually gone by Christmas, but you would be surprised by all the goodies marked down to clearance! After Target, I run to Michael's, Shopko, and pretty much anywhere else having a sale.

And with that, here is the process of how I decorated my petite tree this year:

At Michael's, they mark a bunch of their custom floral department ribbon way down after Christmas. I bought a 50 yard spool of ribbon for only $6.99.

Tree topper I knabbed at Target for less than $2. One of the gems is missing, but I'll just camouflage that with a little puffy paint.

My favorite gifts to receive are actually Christmas ornaments. I love hanging them up every year and having moments of nostalgia. This one if my favorite.

This one is an ornament I made while I was in college. I painted the outside of a glass ornament and filled it with fake snow.

Happy Crafting!