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Kitchen Main Wall

For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me this pretty mosaic wall hanging/ candle holder.  It inspired me to finally hang up all my pieces in one spot (the kitchen) instead of in random spots around my apartment.  

The "all things are possible" little canvas is from Michael's.  It cost me a whole penny!!!!

I found this owl at a thrift shop, it seems handmade.

It smells so lovely, its a rain-scented candle from Pier 1.

Super Easy Scarf Holder

I have been collecting quite a stash of scarves, and previously I had them just in a rubbermaid container in my closet.  I usually grabbed the ones on top, and the bottom scarves were being neglected.

I took some costume jewelry, and hung it on my wall, between 2 thumbtacks.  I then looped part of each scarf over the necklace.  Another way to do it could be to hang hemp string or light rope, and maybe even use clothes pins to hang them up.

My scarves now like a colorful wall hanging!

Scarves left to right: Spencers, Honey, Van Horn, Laura Geraldi, Old Navy, Liz Claiborne, N/A, Shopko

I love how colorful they all are!

My winter scarves don't look as pretty, they are so bulky!

 I crocheted three of the scarves, and they are hanging behind my bedroom door.


I bought some more ornaments at Micheal's.  They were on clearance, which is weird because Christmas is still 10 days away!

I followed this tutorial to make the marbleized ornaments.  They were a little difficult, the nail polish kept chunking up too fast, or it was goopy on the ornament.  I didn't use name brand nail polish like the tutorial tough, I used Wet & Wild.

I then filled the ornaments with fake snow.

The ornament below was really simple to make.  (It's actually still not dry in the picture.)  I took the top off of the ornament, and poured glitter and water-downed modge podge inside it.  I shook it until it was completely covered.

Making Jewelry

College just got out for winter break, and now I finally have time to finish some of my projects.  I have had little tins sitting in a draw with charms and beads just waiting to be made into something.

Yesterday, I had a little fun while having a Pretty Little Liars marathon.

I found these charms in a clearance bin at Michael's.  I just kept them simple.

When I was younger, I had a necklace with Barbie shoes and charms on it.  It broke, but I still kept it in my stash.  I finally made some earrings, and added the others to a charm bracelet.

I found the peacock charms at Michael's.  I like how elegant they look with jewels and pearls.

Here is my charm bracelet I've had since junior high.  I don't wear it anymore, but I love looking at each charm and remembering where it was from. Some charms are from broken jewelry, buttons, or were gifts from old friends. 

Charm is from Michael's.

This is a wrap bracelet.  The beads are all on embroidery floss since it is thick and pretty strong.  The heart beads are from a bracelet that I wore when I was elementary school.

This one is my favorite.  It originally was meant to be a long necklace, but I made it hit on the neckline instead.  It's just so elegant with the white beads and gold charms.

Facebook Page

I've had an internship with a handmade jewelry company since May, and I've been watching how she runs her own business.  It is:  Button Me Up

I've been making flyers, advertisements, and even her homepage for her website.  Because of all the work I've been doing for her company, I've decided it's about time I start my own site.

I'm already on Etsy, but I thought a Facebook fan page would be nice as well.  That way fans would know when new designs have been added, or if I'm doing any specials.

It is: Here.  Check it out!

I also uploaded all the pictures of previous zipper flowers I've made.  I didn't even realize how many I had made until I did this!  I've made over 50!

Here is the Profile Picture I made for my fan page. 

Productive Day = Zipper Flowers

I have been so busy with finals, and I finally have had time to make some more zipper hair pieces.  I just added them to my etsy shop. Here are a few of them.

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Coral Dream
(What's not to love about coral? :)  )

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- New Year's
(This one is SO big, I love it! It's the first one I've made than has more organic swirls for the petals.)

Zipper Hair Piece- Holly
(I never know what to make with green zippers, since green flowers would be odd. So I figured out how to make a Christmas holly plant.  I love the three vintage buttons for the berries.)

PS.  I also found a 5 foot long white zipper at a thrift shop.  Let's see what I can make with it.  I'm thinking a really EPIC white flower.  Maybe a wedding hair piece, with a pin-up veil attached to it?)