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Freezer Paper Stenciling

I finally tried freezer paper stenciling! It took me a while to actually find it in my town, but I finally found some, and it was about $6 a roll at Walmart.

It's actually really easy to do too! This was really cheap for me because I nabbed this tank top at a thrift store for a whole $0.50.

Here is how you do it:

1.  Cut your freezer paper to your desired size.  Now either draw or print on the paper side, not the waxy side. (Only with an ink jet printer!  If you use a laser printer the freezer paper will bind with your printer and ruin it! I have a laser printer, so I went back to my elementary school skills and freehanded/traced an image with the use of a window.)

2.  Next place a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of your shirt. (This way the paint doesn't seep through.)

3.  Iron the freezer paper, waxy side down on your shirt.  Make sure that all edges and small detail points are nice and stuck on.

4.  Paint onto your shirt with a sponge-like applicator brush.  (I mixed acrylic paint with Monotype base, which I had leftover from a printmaking class... I'm not exactly sure if it will last, but the bottle does say it is permanent. (Fabric paint or textile ink might be safer.))

5.  Do as many layers of paint until you are satisfied with the color payoff.

6.  Allow your paint to completely dry. I was impatient and took a blowdryer to it.

7.  Gently peel off your freezer paper, it should come off very easily.

8.  Iron your shirt to set the paint. Place a layer of plain cotton fabric between your shirt and the iron if you are worried about it sticking to your iron. Then allow to cool and enjoy!

Quick (and Cheap!) Summer Nails

I love summer!  Its almost warm here, and the mall stores are full of bright colors! My Rite Aid is in the mall, and I thought it was about time I gave myself some bright nails.

The best part is these cheap products actually are pretty good quality. I usually have Gelish Nails, but I am out of one of my products, and until I hit a Sally's, I'm just going to use normal polish. 

To get these nails:

1.  Apply a basecoat if you wish, this L.A. Colors polish works as both a top coat and a basecoat.

2.  Apply Wet & Wild Fastdry polish (mine is  Allow to dry, and then repeat a second coat.

3. Use a Sally Hansen nail pen to draw on your tips (mine is Neon Pink). Make sure you shake it up first, otherwise the color isn't consistent.

4. After everything is dry, apply a top coat.  

I did these nails before I went to work, and they dried pretty fast!  One of my friends has a instant-dry spray for nail polish, and I will need to go get some for nails on the go.

Summer Time Zipper Flowers!

I have been a busy little bee.  For the last month I was churning out final projects and studying for my finals, and as soon as I was free for the summer I made 9 new zipper flowers!  I also took new pictures of my entire stock, and my etsy store has a completely new feel to it.  Now it looks fresh, clean, and professional!  Be sure to check it out.

Here are my new pieces for sale: