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Repurposed Candle Jars

Hello World,

I'll admit it. I have a candle problem. Whenever Bath and Body Works has their large 3-wick candles on sale, I can't help but at least buy two. (And I stack the sale with a coupon, so the savings are even greater.) With that said, I have quite a collection of empty candle jars. I can't just throw them away, so here is a project to repurpose them into a glitter colorblock vase:

1. Gather your supplies: a burnt out candle, glitter, Mod Podge, painter's tape, a paint or foam brush, rhinestones, and glue (not pictured).

2. Either melt the candle on a candle warmer or in a saucepan full of simmering water. You also could pop out the wax with a spoon. Pour the melted wax into an unwanted plastic/glass container.

3. Remove all labels and tape off part of your jar with painter's tape. Rub down any edges to avoid your Mod Podge bleeding through.

4. Cover your jar with your first layer of Mod Podge.

5. Pour glitter all that baby. Place a paper or mat on your work surface so you can later pour your leftover glitter back into its container.

6. Allow to set for a few minutes and repeat with a second layer of Mod Podge and glitter.

7. Allow to dry completely and remove your painter's tape.

8. If you have messy edges, just scratch off the imperfections with your fingernail. Super or hot glue rhinestones onto your jar.

9. Fill your sparkly vase with fake/fresh flowers, twigs, pens, makeup brushes, etc.

Do you have a candle problem too? Check out this other tutorial to repurpose candle jars and this tutorial for using the leftover wax.

After covering the candle jar with glitter, I got a little excited and started glittering other items. I bought these candle sticks at a thrift store and planned on using them for another tiered jewelry display, but instead spray painted and added glitter to them.

Happy Crafting!

My Darby Smart Kit!

Hello World,

In some of my past posts, I blogged about the fun DIY kits (December to DIY For kit and the Cross Stitch Tote kit) that I bought from Darby Smart.

Well, I have very exciting news for you today! I am happy to announce that I have collaborated with Darby Smart to design this Suede Fringe Bib kit!

Photo: Darby Smart
Photo: Darby Smart
The kit is now available on their website for $17 (with free shipping), and includes the above supplies (and instructions) to make your own bold statement necklace. Check out more details here.

If you order a kit, I'd love to see how your take on this project! You can share your photos with the Darby Smart community by using #DarbySmart on Twitter or Instagram, and they'll add them to their Showroom.

Excited to see what you make! Happy Crafting!

I am so excited to see my name on their website! It's like seeing my name in DIY-world lights!

DIY String Art

Hello World,

It seems that thrift shops have been raising their prices. I used to come home with a bag full of finds almost every time I went shopping, and now I tend to only buy one or two items. I was in luck last week though, when I found this wooden plaque for only $0.25!

I originally was going to hand paint a design on it, but decided to switch it up and make some string art instead. Check out the tutorial below to see how to make your own:

1.  Gather your supplies: wood, metal nails, hammer, embroidery floss, a printed design, tape, paint, and a paintbrush.

2.  I used Avenir ® Next Bold for my design and decreased the kerning around the 'O.' I printed it, trimmed my paper, and taped it down to my wood.

3.  I hammered nailed into the corners of my letters first. Make sure you hammer your nails deep enough into your wood. I had a few of mine come loose, and I had to teach them a lesson.

4.  After securing the corners of my letters, I eyeballed the spacing and added more nails to each letter.

5.  Remove your paper at this point.

6.  If you have any paper pieces leftover that are difficult to remove with your bare hands, use some tweezers to remove them.

7.  I painted my wood and nails at this point because I wanted them the same color. If you don't care about your metal nails standing out, it would be better to paint your wood prior to hammering all your nails in place.

8.  Tie a knot around a corner nail. Twist the tail end of your thread around the rest of your thread to secure it.

9.  Outline each letter by working your thread around the outer edge of your nails.

10.  Fill in each letter by randomly wrapping your thread around the nails, pulling tight the entire time. Tie a knot around a nail once you are satisfied, and trim your tail end.

11.  Continue this process with the rest of your letters.

12. And tada, you have your own custom string art!

I love the shadows created by the strings on the wood! 

Happy Crafting!

DIY Geometric Cutout Skirt

Hello World,

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed I have been on a triangle kick lately with my designs and projects. I recently bought a leopard maxi skirt at a thrift store for less than $4 and reconstructed it into a geometric, cutout mini skirt. Check out the tutorial below to see how to make your own:

Tip: For sharper corners on your cutouts, iron your edges down prior to sewing them.

Happy Crafting!

DIY Valentine Decor

Hello World,

My latest Etsy Treasury and this video inspired the DIY project below.

When I began this project, I just started making paper roses, without a plan for what I was going to glue them on. I figured once I made a decent pile of them, it would dawn on me.

After making it through a few episodes of The Originals (I actually like it way more than Vampire Diaries), my coffee table was covered with paper roses and scraps. Fast forward a few days, and those paper roses were still piled on my coffee table, waiting to be utilized.

I wanted to glue them to something inexpensive, so I went thrift shopping and to a dollar store (where I picked up a shelf liner). I originally was going to glue the roses to the shelf liner, but just ended up making more roses with it. I just love the textured roses!

Fast forward a few more days and it dawns on me. I have a pizza box in my recycling bin. I could glue all these roses to it instead of a canvas. Thankfully one of my New Year's resolutions wasn't to avoid carbohydrates. Check out the inexpensive tutorial below:

1. Gather your supplies: paper or various materials (lace, burlap, a shelf liner, etc), a hot glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, a base to glue the roses to (hello pizza box!), and spray paint.

2. Make all your roses by cutting out paper swirls and twirling them into a rose shape. Check out this video tutorial for a better explanation.

3. I spray painted the lid to my pizza box white. This way if there were gaps between my roses, the brown cardboard wouldn't be visible.

4. Trim your cardboard, draw out your design, and start hot glueing your roses down.

5. Continue glueing until the cardboard is completely covered.

6. Tada! You have some super inexpensive Valentine decor!

I think I'll make another version of this, and glue burlap roses to some old barn wood. Maybe I'll make a giant cursive monogram.

Happy Crafting!

Etsy Treasury- February Neutrals

Hello World,

I can spend hours on Etsy just browsing for handmade goodies and gaining inspiration. While my house is plastered with pink and red decorations, I must say the rustic/neutrals are really staring to grow on me. Below is my latest Treasury:

'Ti Amo' by Laura Olphie

Burlap Bunting Banner, "...
open heart knuckle ring,hear...
Heartbeat Charm Necklace, Go...
Large rustic Twigs heart dec...
Be Mine Mug // Long Distance...
Hammered Heart Earrings, Lon...
Wedding Garland, Gold Heart ...
Valentine Decor - Wood Slice...
Mini Wooden White Heart Shap...
Painted Cork Coaster Set of ...
Leather Journal with Heart L...
PATCHOULI Votive Candles (4)...
Personalized Heart Pillow / ...
nesting hearts
PRE-ORDER: 8.5x11 To Love an...
Green Jersey and Cream Lace ...

Happy Crafting (and online shopping)!

PS- Today marks the one month mark until my 24th birthday... Feels like just yesterday I was in elementary school mass-signing Disney character valentines for my classmates and receiving them in my carefully constructed construction paper and scented marker decorated envelope.

Oh hey, he gave me a lollipop along with this Lion King Valentine? He MUST like me. Better chase him on the playground at recess later. #ElementarySchoolReasoning (And in all reality his mom made all his valentines for him.)

Shabby Chic Chandelier/Wind Chime

Hello World,

One of my friends gave me a bunch of keys for my birthday last year and a few more for Christmas this year, and I finally got around to using them to make some home decor.

I made a shabby chic chandelier/wind chime with the keys (she got them from Michael's) and some pearl garland I picked up at a yard sale for $0.50. Below is just the first stage of it. I probably will add more beads, tiers, and lace trim to it as I come across them while thrift shopping.

Check out the tutorial below to see how to make your own:

1. Gather your supplies: large keys, beads or pearl garland, scissors, yarn, an embroidery hoop, pliers, and wire.

2. Star off by knotting the tail end of your yarn to your embroidery hoop.

3. Wrap the yarn around the embroidery hoop, covering the tail end as you work your way around the hoop.

4. Continue wrapping yarn around your hoop until it is completely covered. 

5.  Loop some yarn through your first key, and pull the tail ends through the loop you created, catching the key in the loop. Tie this first key strand to your embroidery hoop.

6.  Continue with more keys, equally spacing them out. I used the silver/white keys for the shorter tier of my chandelier.

7.  Continue adding keys to your hoop until you are satisfied. I did alternating lengths for my keys.

8.  With the tail ends of each of the key strands, I tied them to their nearest neighbor. I tied my pearl strands to these yarn loops. Trim the tail ends if you wish, but I left mine long in case I decide to add more beads in the future.

9. Cut out 9 pieces of yarn that are all the same length. Place them in groups of three, fold them in half and loop them around the embroidery hoop. 

10.  Braid each of these yarn groups and knot the ends. (If you want a more secure chandelier, you can use the wire as your hanging mechanism instead of yarn.)

11.  Bring your three braids ends together and secure them by wrapping wire around them. 

12.  I created a small wire loop and attached this to my wire wrapping to be used as a hanging point. Add more materials to your chandelier if you want it more complex, hang, and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!

Hearts. Paper Hearts Everywhere.

Hello World,

It's that time of year again! Time for pink and red decorations everywhere!

My birthday is in February, and my mom would always plaster paper hearts all over the house when I was little. I continue this traditional in my own house now that I'm older, as it reminds me of happy childhood birthdays, and also because I just love decorating for holidays.

I hung up my sheet music garland and pom pom yarn up again this year. See the tutorial to make the paper garland here. I hung paper hearts all over my kitchen cabinets, and some of them are even made from Victoria's Secret shopping bags!

Now the snow just needs to go away so summer can hurry up and get here! Happy Crafting!

PS- Any other single ladies like Valentine's Day too?