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Rustic Summer Wedding

Hello World,

Last weekend, I went to a friend's wedding in Northern Idaho. I wrapped their gift in kraft paper, hemp twine and topped with live herbs/flowers. I bought a pack of tags two years ago at Office Depot, and finally found a reason to use one!

I used a thin sharpie to draw out the "Eat, drink, and be married" design, and sprayed the entire package with gold glitter to add some minimalistic pizazz. At first I topped the gift with fresh oregano from my yard, but it wilted very quickly. Right before leaving for the wedding I switched the oregano out for wild daisies.

I only snapped a few photos of the wedding decorations before it got too dark. Luckily, I did snap a photo of cupcakes in the armoire; very clever. 

Happy Crafting! 

Feature + Freebie Friday: Karissa of "Start of The Shaw's"

Hello World,

I would like to introduce you to one of my Kappa sisters and a fellow blogger, Karissa. She blogs over at "Start of The Shaw's," a lifestyle blog.

She posts multiple times per week, and my favorite reads include her "What I Wore Wednesdays" and her "Making our House a Home Series." I recently started a job where I have to dress business-casual, and her Wednesday posts have helped me to see what is cute, yet appropriate, for a business setting.

Being a die-hard, DIY-girl, I love reading about anything thrifty and innovative. Karissa is great at revamping the old into something new. In one of her recent blog posts, she repurposes a vintage door into a headboard:

Clever huh? See how she did it here: link.

Also, in the title I mentioned a freebie. If you head over to Karissa's latest post here, you can enter yourself into a giveaway for two custom bracelets (like the ones above), made by yours truly. The giveaway ends in 5 days, so be sure to head over to her blog and enter.

Happy Crafting!