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Old dresses

So I made my own Winter Ball dress in highschool by ripping apart a really old and ugly blue satin high neck dress, and bought the shear fabric.  It changed color in the light- from blue to purple.

I used the blue satin for under the shear fabric and for the sash and big bow tied in the back. The sash in the front was attached and runched, I stole the idea from an old dress I had.

I also made one of my friends her prom dress. She picked out the fabric, and the jewels in the top were actually from the sleeves of the dress I ripped apart to make that Winter Ball dress.

I stole these pictures from myspace since I never got to take pictures of it.

Her dress is the coral one with a yell ow sash.

The back had a nice big bow.

I really like how the front turned out, with runching to the straps, and the jewels.

Here is the dress in action, I'm the one in front with the flower in my hair.  Two girls made Duct Tape dresses for a competition/scholarship.  They didn't win, but they looked cute.

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