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Pinterest Fail

Hello World!  I had a crafting day with a friend of mine, and we tried to make our own glasses out of old bottles.  A link to the tutorial: HERE. I couldn't get it to work for me. We tried three times, with different materials.  I think I'll try again later, after reading the comments on her blog post.

Here are some pictures of the yarn on fire. (Which was pretty awesome to play with. lol)

This was the second attempt, so we increased the amount of yarn, in hopes that it would get hotter with more area to burn.

As a last resort, I tried a cotton fabric instead of yarn. The flames were so hot and huge with fabric! (I know the edges are not straight) But at this point I really just wanted the bottle to break.

I think it might not have worked for me because:
A. My bottles were too thick.
B. Wrong type of yarn.
C. Nail polish remover too weak.
D. Other

If anyone tries this technique out and is successful, please let me know!  Any trial and error advice would be greatly appreciated. I have so many bottles that are destined to be glasses someday.

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  1. :D Hello!
    A few days ago I tried the same project. At first I had trouble too, but after a while I finally got it. The key was rotating the bottle fast, and I had to do it WAY longer than 30 seconds.
    If you want to hear all my issues before success, its here: http://millieonherworld.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/cheers-diy-glass-bottle-cutting/
    I hope you try again, it is really cool when it works, good luck!