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JoAnn's Remnant Bin Fabric to Pillows!

I recently went to JoAnn's and actually found great fabric in their remnant bin. For those of you that aren't familiar, on the ends of each quilting fabric aisle, or hiding in the back of the store, there usually is a four/five level bin, full of leftover fabric.  When someone buys fabric off of a bolt, there sometimes is leftover fabric that isn't enough to make a full outfit/blanket/ect.  The fabric is then rolled up, taped into a roll shape and marked as 50% off. Usually there is plain cotton or reject fabrics in the bin at my local JoAnn's, but this last time I found some gems.

I found some super soft leopard fabric, the pretty floral print below as well, along with tie-dye, damask print and some jersey.

I decided to make some pillows with some remnant fabric. The pillows on my couch needed a makeover. They were stained, lumpy and flat from being laid on so many times. 

I sort of followed this tutorial: Link, to make my pillow. I made my pillow smaller due to the fabric I had, and I did a double bow on the front. I now wish I had made a triple bow for more volume and to make the black bow more visible.

I used some of the filling from my old pillows, and also bough new filling with a 50% off coupon. (I usually find my coupons here: Link.)

I also made a plain pillow with two squares of fabric. I really loved the pattern and wanted a pillow I actually cold rest my head on. It is a little lumpy in this picture because I didn't let it flatten out properly by using it.

What have you made with remnant fabric or fabric scraps? 

Happy Crafting!

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