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DIY Earring Display

Hello World.

Earrings are my go-to accessory. I have 3 holders for hook earrings, but had all my post earrings sitting on a plate. This made finding a matching pair in a hurry a little difficult. So, I made a new display for better organization. I made an earring display 4 years ago similar to this, just smaller.

Continue below for instructions on making this super easy craft!

1.  Gather your supplies: a wooden frame, fabric (lace, mesh, tulle, netting, ect), stapler, staples and embellishments.

2.  Remove the glass and cardboard backing from your frame. Spray paint your frame now if you want a new color. Mine was originally brown, and I painted it gold.

3.  Starting at one corner, staple the fabric to the back of your frame. It is okay if you have extra fabric around the edges.

4.  Pull tightly and staple to the next corner, working clockwise. 

5.  Once your four corners are secured, staple the rest of your fabric onto the frame, about every inch or so.

6.  Trim excess fabric. You can add glue around the entire edge if you are worried about it coming undone.

7.  Embellish! I bought the rhinestones in the dollar section at Michael's and used e-6000 glue to attach them.

These are my favorites! I call them my "mermaid earrings." I got them at Rue21.

These are my other go-to earrings recently. Can you tell I have an ocean obsession?

Happy Crafting!

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