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DIY Ornaments

I was feeling in the Holiday spirit, so I made some ornaments for all the other sororities on my campus.  Other sororities go caroling during the holidays and give out handmade ornaments, so it seemed like a cute idea to do as well.

I just bought clear glass ornaments at Michael's (which are 40% off this week), fake "snow flurries," and some cute clearance bin ribbon.  

First, I filled the ornaments.  I just used my finger to push the fake snow inside.  It was a little messy, so I put a shallow box underneath as I stuffed.  I filled them about halfway with snow.  Luckily, I had blue paint sitting around, so painted the letters for the other chapters on each ornament.  I let the front sides dry, and then painted another coat of the paint.  On the backs I painted a heart and KKG.

These were so easy to make,  I want to make myself some with maybe beads inside.  It also could look neat if you put water-downed paint inside the ornament.  It could drip down the inside, or you could shake it up for a marbleized look.

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