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Puppy Pin Cushion

I usually end up going to Victoria's Secret during their semi-annual sale, and one time they were giving away these stuffed puppies.  These puppies are not squishy, they are very firm. 

One day I was sewing, pulling pins out of my traditional tomato pin cushion, and my boyfriend walks over and starts pushing pins into the puppy's head.  Why didn't I think of that!?  It fits way more pins than my old one, and it gives this silly stuffed animal on my desk a purpose.

I also have some safety pins stuck into his head.  (I use them when I thread elastic through a casing)

Im betting this could be done with any really firm stuffed animal. The fabric on the puppy is pretty elastic.  When I pull a pin out, there isn't a very visible hole where the pin once was. I'm guessing its plain cotton, similar to quilting fabric.

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