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DIY Chain Bottle Cover

I have been seeing chain bottle covers recently, at places like Pier 1, but even on clearance they are more than $10.  They didn't look too difficult to make, so I made one myself!  It was super easy to make, and could be a great to give along with a bottle of wine as a present.  

Check out below, to see how to make one as well:

1. Gather your materials: chain, jewelry wire, jump rings, pliers, and a bottle to use as a template.

2.  Use the jewelry wire to measure around the neck of your bottle. The shorter you cut your wire, the higher on the bottle it will sit.

3.  My wire measured about 5 inches, after I bent a hook shape at each end.

4.  By making a hook on each side, you can easily slide the cover on and off in the future.

5.  I used four jump rings, but you could use more if you want your cover to be more dense.

6.  Measure a section of chain.  I used the same length of chain for every layer.  Each of them were 4 inches long.

7.  Lay out your first round of chains, I made 4 loops.

8.  I attached 2 chain ends attached to each jump ring.

9.  Place what you've made so far on your tester bottle, to see if you are happy with the chain draping.

10.  Add a jump ring to the middle of each chain section, and drape 2 chain pieces, like the previous layer.

11.  Continue until you reach the bottle of your bottle.  You could add beads, sequins, or charms if you want to spice up your cover even more.

PS. I bought the Sea Glass wine while at the Washington coast, because I thought the bottle was pretty. It tastes okay.  It would be better in sangria than just by itself.

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