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DIY Denim Feather Earrings

Over the years, I have collected quite a pile of jeans- some were my parents', my boyfriend's, and my own.  Denim is such a sturdy and classic fabric.  Here is a tutorial to make earrings with denim. This would be a great project for denim scraps.

Check out below, to make your own pair too. :)

1.  Gather your materials: denim, scissors, pliers, a grommet kit, hammer, flathead jewelry pins, some beads (I used faux pearls), jump rings with matching chain, and earring hooks.

2.  Cut a piece of denim, large enough to fit both feather pieces you will cut out.

3.  I drew a feather shape with a water-soluble pencil on the backside of the fabric.

4.  Cut out two feather pieces.  If they aren't exactly identical, it's not a big deal because you will be fringing them later.

5.  I looked at a seagull feather, and noticed that feather barbs are angled down towards the center.  Make small cuts down each side, making sure to not touch the spine line you drew.

6.  After you have fringed your denim, stretch it length-wise to slightly curl the feather.

7.  Make a small hole in the end of the feather, and place a grommet in the hole.  (This way your earring won't tear apart.

8.  Use a grommet kit (usually comes with the grommets at Michael's) to secure the grommet.

9.  Place your anvil on a counter or table, then the denim feather right side up, and the grommet in the hole with the sharp-side down. Hammer the setting tool on top of this setup. (This will curl all the sharp edges down on the grommet.)

10.  Attach a jump ring through your grommet, along with some chain and your earring hook.

11.  At the end of the chain, I attached a pearl bead on a flathead jewelry pin.

Imagine what else you could make with denim! Happy Crafting!

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