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DIY wax scent pods

Hello World! I bought a bunch of candles at Bath and Body Works during their Semi-Annual sale, and have burned all of them down to the very end of the wicks.  There is still a nice chunk of wax in the bottom, so I reused the wax and made scent pods.

I bought a candle warmer at Shopko about a week ago for $9 on clearance, and it came with 2 wax bars in the kit.  I thought I would use up my old candle wax before opening a new wax package. Also, by cleaning the leftover wax out, you can repurpose the glass containers!

Here is a tutorial for making cute wax pods with Dollar Store ice cube trays!

Check out below to make some as well:

1.  You will need: a wax warmer w/dish, burned down candle, ice cube tray and a spoon.

2.  Start scooping the leftover wax out of your candle with the spoon. If your wax is really strong, use a butter knife instead.

3.   Place all the wax chunks (and the small chunks too) you scooped out into your candle warmer. 

4.   Soak your empty candle container and spoon in hot water and soap, and scrub with a brillo pad. Be careful to not get wax down your drain as it can clog your plumbing.  If you are worried, pour the dirty water into an old bottle or pour it through a fine-mesh screen.

5.   Wait for your wax to melt, and the burnt remains should sink to the bottom of the now liquid wax.

6.   Slowly pour the melted wax into the ice cube tray. Wear an oven mitt if your candle warmer dish is too hot.

7.   Allow to cool in the fridge or freezer (depending on how patient you are)  The wax should solidify very quickly.

8.   Pop the pods out and tada!  Whenever you want to use the scent, just place in your candle warmer and enjoy!

You could also melt the candle wax by placing the candle container (prior to scooping) in a saucepan pan full of boiling water and allow it to remelt on simmer.  You then could pour the melted wax straight into the ice cube trays and have less to scrub in the sink. I didn't do this method because I would rather leave a candle warmer going while I take a shower than have my stove running unattended.

Or is you have a smaller candle just remove the melting plate and place the candle straight on the warmer to melt.  My 3-wick was to large to melt that way- trust me I tried. :)

These could be a really easy gift (tied in a cute baggy with a bow) for a birthday or holiday. I reused my candle jars and placed crafting notions/beads inside them.  The jars look so pretty with the lids on my desk! 

Happy Crafting!

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