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DIY with iron-on glitter sheets

The FashionArtProjects team sent me a couple of free goodies, including these Iron-On Glitter Sheets. Usually, I have only seen iron-on decal letters, and I was really excited when I opened up my mail to find these! I love them because you can iron-on any design you can possibly think of! I created a CanCanDancer logo tshirt with the silver sheet.  

Check out below to see how to use the sheets as well:

1.   Follow the instructions and use the sheets on a shirt that was washed without fabric softener.  I bought this shirt at Old Navy for less than $5.  Draw or trace your design onto the glitter paper (with the pastic film still adhered.) 

2.   Cut out your design with scissors or an exacto knife.  I originally decided to include the flower hair piece in my logo, but then realized my exacto knife was MIA.  Remove the plastic film after cutting.  Place right side up on your shirt.  Place a piece of cotton between the decal and your iron- so it doesn't stick to your iron.  Iron the top side, then turn your shirt inside out and iron the back side to secure it.

3.  Allow to cool and tada!  Imagine what else you could make!  I am probably going to salvage the scraps by cutting out geometric shapes and ironing them onto a tanktop.

Happy Crafting!

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