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Makeup brush holder (from a candle jar)

Hello World!

You may have realized due to my previous tutorials, that I love Bath and Body Works candles. I always buy them on sale and also use a coupon to get a better deal. I have reused the candle jars to plant succulents, organize craft supplies, hold lip glosses, ect. Here is my most recent candle jar repurpose.

(See tutorial to make vase below: Link.)

I used a candle jar to hold my makeup brushes. (Not all my brushes are in the picture, I had five drying because I just cleaned them.) It was really simple to make.

1.  Burn down as much of the candle as you can.

2.  Remove the cooled leftover wax/wick bases with a metal spoon. (It should just pop out.)

3.  Reuse that leftover wax on a candle warmer and/or throw it away.

4.  Clean your jar with some steel wool and Dawn (I found it works better than Dollar Store soap).

5.  Remove labels if you wish. I left mine of because I just love this label.

6.  Fill half-way with uncooked rice, beads, beans, sand, ect.

7.  Stick brushes into your rice. 

Tada! You have a super easy makeup-brush holder. You also could do this to hold pens, paint brushes, chopsticks, ect.

I just bought these Ecotools brushes on sale at Rite Aid. I love these brushes! They are great for blending. All the brushes are very soft and easy to clean.

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