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Paper Hearts Garland

I recently purchased a paper punch from Ross (of all places to find crafting supplies) for only $5!!!! And this punch is huge compared to the ones sold at Michael's. Check out below to see how to make your own paper hearts garland:

1.  Find a decent amount of paper you want to punch. I found an old music book at my local recycling center. Turn on a movie and go at it. Try to salvage as much paper as possible when positioning your punches. I was able to punch a few sheets of paper at the same time without hurting my punch. (My paper was thin.)

2.  Gather all your paper hearts, thread up your machine (and coordinating bobbin), and set your machine to a straight stitch.

3.  One at a time sew through paper hearts. I fed paper heart after paper heart through my feed dogs without lifting my presser foot.

4.  Continue sewing paper hearts onto your strand until you have reached your desired length. Tie your tail end threads each in knots to secure your ends.

Now you have some super cute home decor!  I hung mine up in my living room, along with string lights, and some red pom-pom yarn my mom bought me for Christmas. (Pretty sure you can find the yarn at Michael's or Joann's.

I might have punched a little too many paper hearts, but I think I will sprinkle them across my dining table when I get around to decorating the rest of my apartment. (Yes, I know it is only the beginning of January, but I have always loved Valentine decorations!)

Happy Crafting!

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