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Productive Day = Zipper Flowers

I have been so busy with finals, and I finally have had time to make some more zipper hair pieces.  I just added them to my etsy shop. Here are a few of them.

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- Coral Dream
(What's not to love about coral? :)  )

Zipper Flower Hair Piece- New Year's
(This one is SO big, I love it! It's the first one I've made than has more organic swirls for the petals.)

Zipper Hair Piece- Holly
(I never know what to make with green zippers, since green flowers would be odd. So I figured out how to make a Christmas holly plant.  I love the three vintage buttons for the berries.)

PS.  I also found a 5 foot long white zipper at a thrift shop.  Let's see what I can make with it.  I'm thinking a really EPIC white flower.  Maybe a wedding hair piece, with a pin-up veil attached to it?) 

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