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Super Easy Scarf Holder

I have been collecting quite a stash of scarves, and previously I had them just in a rubbermaid container in my closet.  I usually grabbed the ones on top, and the bottom scarves were being neglected.

I took some costume jewelry, and hung it on my wall, between 2 thumbtacks.  I then looped part of each scarf over the necklace.  Another way to do it could be to hang hemp string or light rope, and maybe even use clothes pins to hang them up.

My scarves now like a colorful wall hanging!

Scarves left to right: Spencers, Honey, Van Horn, Laura Geraldi, Old Navy, Liz Claiborne, N/A, Shopko

I love how colorful they all are!

My winter scarves don't look as pretty, they are so bulky!

 I crocheted three of the scarves, and they are hanging behind my bedroom door.

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