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Making Jewelry

College just got out for winter break, and now I finally have time to finish some of my projects.  I have had little tins sitting in a draw with charms and beads just waiting to be made into something.

Yesterday, I had a little fun while having a Pretty Little Liars marathon.

I found these charms in a clearance bin at Michael's.  I just kept them simple.

When I was younger, I had a necklace with Barbie shoes and charms on it.  It broke, but I still kept it in my stash.  I finally made some earrings, and added the others to a charm bracelet.

I found the peacock charms at Michael's.  I like how elegant they look with jewels and pearls.

Here is my charm bracelet I've had since junior high.  I don't wear it anymore, but I love looking at each charm and remembering where it was from. Some charms are from broken jewelry, buttons, or were gifts from old friends. 

Charm is from Michael's.

This is a wrap bracelet.  The beads are all on embroidery floss since it is thick and pretty strong.  The heart beads are from a bracelet that I wore when I was elementary school.

This one is my favorite.  It originally was meant to be a long necklace, but I made it hit on the neckline instead.  It's just so elegant with the white beads and gold charms.

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