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Autumn Leaves Garland

Hello World,

I have two large maple trees in my yard, and they shed a decent amount of leaves every year. This year instead of making fall decor with paper leaves, I made garland with real leaves. The garland will eventually completely die, but while it is still alive, it will transform in appearance with the different stages of fall.

Check out the simple tutorial below:

1. Gather your leaves. Pick freshly fallen leaves so your garland will have a slightly longer life.

2. Check for bugs and allow your leaves to dry if they are wet.

3. Sew through your leaves with a long straight stitch, allowing an inch or two between each leaf of threading. I sewed my leaves at random angles so they would resemble the actual act of falling.

4. Tie knots at the ends of your garland to secure the end leaves.

5. Hang and enjoy it as it changes in appearance.

Happy Crafting!

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