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I remember when I was younger and I would sneak into my mom's room and look at all her pretty vintage jewelry on her dresser.  I would look at her pieces and then carefully put them back where they belonged. I couldn't wait until I was older and had my own.

Now that I'm older, I've created a collection of my own.  It has evolved over the years.  In junior high, I loved wearing big, bold beads and stuff that looked like candy.  Everything was as bright as Lisa Frank gear.  Now my collection is a little more refined, and making your own jewelry makes it even more fun.

A lot of my jewelry I wear the most I actually made.  I love finding charms in clearance bins or in thrift stores and making new jewelry with them.  I don't have any expensive jewelry because I feel it is a waste of money.  Why would I wear diamond earrings, when I would where fake ones that cost me only a few bucks?

Here's a peek at some of my stash.  I have another jewelry holder on my nightstand with rings and bigger earrings.

I made this jewelry holder.  It was super easy.  Just hot glue or staple lace inside a frame.  I made this one 3 years ago, and it's still holding up nice.

My birdcage is from Michael's, with a vintage Avon owl inside it.

I love owls. :)

After Christmas the gift sets are so cheap, and Victoria's Secret has their Semi Annual Sale, so I stock up on more perfume.  My favorites are sweet or food-like smells.

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