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Satin Flowers

While on Pinterest for my winter break, I found a really simple tutorial for how to make satin flowers.  It is here.  I found that using really cheap satin (from an old pillow case) melts really fast and destroys the flower.

The best fabric to work with for me was satin brocade.  (Both the blue/pink and black/purple are this type of fabric.) It melted at a slower rate, and the edges look cleaner.

I tried some really stiff white satin from an old 80's wedding dress, and it burned so quickly.

This one was my favorite. I made it a headband out of some leftover jersey for it and gave it to a friend for her birthday. 

I also tried a plain pink satin that I bought a few years ago.  It didn't melt but more of curl and warp.  It ended up more rose-like because of this.

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