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Valentine Decorations

I always decorate for holidays really early.  I decorated for Halloween in September, I decorated for Christmas the day after Halloween.  Now, I decorated for Valentine's Day on New Year's.

I love Valentine's Day.  Not because its supposed to be a romantic holiday, but because I love the colors and how cutesy the decorations can be.  It also is the month I was born in, so it reminds me of when I was younger and would have pink, princess birthday parties.

I cut out paper hearts from scrapbook paper, and bought a 50 yard roll of red, sparkle ribbon from Michael's for $7!  It was from their custom floral department after Christmas. I really want to buy a paper heart punch and make my own magazine garland to hang everywhere. (Thanks to Pinterest for inspiration. :) )

I bought this fabric in high school, and made skirts for me and my friends with it.  5 years later it was just waiting to be used.

I tried to make my own pom-poms.  They take so much yarn!

I bought these sparkle branches at Micheal's for $1 each after Christmas. They don't scream Valentine's Day, but I love the teal color.

I shoved them in a dollar store flower pot, filled it with rocks from my property, and pulled apart a dollar store fake plant and twisted it around the stems.  Super easy!

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