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Book Mobiles

2 years ago, I took an art class where our project was to make altered book art.  One of my friends actually introduced me to these. We would sit and fold book pages for what seemed like hours.  She even made a book mobile with a World Book.  It was sooooo heavy!

I have 3 hanging in my bedroom.  They are really easy and free/cheap to make.  Where I live, we have a recycling center that has a book bin.  We would rummage through the bin to find book sizes that were suitable.

Your hands will get very dirty in the process, from all the ink.

1.  To start the project, first tear the covers off of your books.  (Using a paperback makes it much easier.) Begin by folding one of your pages in half. Fold the next two pages in half as well.

2.  Everything in the mobiles is done in groups of threes.  This way there is nice volume.  Fold the next three pages individually at any angle you want.

3.  Fold three pages individually in half again.

4.   Fold the next three pages individually at any angle you want. (It could be the opposite, so that the mobile is symmetrical, or fold the pages ends toward the middle to make a lantern shape.

5.  Continue alternating until you have folded the entire book, or until the book has curled up on itself.

6.  The pages will be so tight that the mobile will form itself.  Next, use a long piece of ribbon, tie a knot, and feed the ribbon through the center of the book mobile.  Hot glue the knot at the base to secure it.

7.  Cut out two pieces of scrapbook paper in large circles.  Glue one on the bottom to hide the ribbon knot.

8.  Poke or punch a hole in the second circle of paper, feed the ribbon through it, and hot glue it to the top of the mobile.

9.  Because these mobiles are so light weight and bonded with hot glue, the ribbon should not pull through.

10.  Now you have a recycled piece of art. Hang and enjoy!

I just noticed that this one was glued upside down. lol


  1. Am I missing it or did you not really say where the glue goes? You glue the circles, not the pages, though?

    1. The only glue required is so covering the knot if you choose to hang it (with the paper circles).

      Folding the pages is strong enough to hold them in place- since there is so much pressure when the spine starts to curl up on itself.